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BioRhythm 100% Whole Gains

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BioRhythm 100% Whole Gains
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Basic Details
Model # 100% Whole Gains 
Brand Biorhythm   vs 1.7% Protein Powder have BioRhythm
Description Naturally Anabolic Protein!* Proportioning Protein, Carbohydrates And Fat! 
Category Protein Powder 
Serving Size 1 Bottle (70 G) 
Container Size 1 Single Serving Bottle 
Servings per Container
(28.58 lower than average)

Flavor Seedless Watermelon 
Available Flavors and Sizes 1 Single Serving Bottle - seedless Watermelon | 1 Single Serving Bottle - swiss Chocolate | 1 Single Serving Bottle - tropical Mango | 1 Single Serving Bottle - vanilla Delight | 2.47 Lbs. - seedless Watermelon | 2.47 Lbs. - sweet Mango | 2.47 Lbs. - swiss Chocolate | 2.47 Lbs. - vanilla Delight 
Directions Directions For 100% Whole Gains: As An Adult Dietary Supplement, Mix One Serving With 4-8 Oz. Of Water Or Low Fat Milk. 100% Whole Gains Can Be Enjoyed As A Thick And Rich Whole Food Creamy Shake Or As A Thin Flavorful Meal Replacement - Depending On Serving Size And Fluid Volume. 
Warnings Warnings: This Product Should Not Be Used As The Sole Source Of Nutrition. Not To Be Used As A Meal Replacement For Pregnant Or Nursing Women Without The Advice Of A Physician. Anyone Who Desires To Lose 20% Or More Body Weight Should Consult A Physician Before Use.

Caution: This Product Contains Milk Proteins And Grain Products. Individuals With Milk, Grain, Wheat Or Gluten Sensitivities Should Use Caution When Using This Product To Avoid Any Allergic Reactions. 

Other Ingredients Undenatured Whey Protein (3:1 Whey Protein Concentrate/isolate), Micellar Caseins And Caseinate, Whole Milk Proteinwhole Grain Rice Polymers, Whole Grain Oats, And Oat Fiber, Evaporated Cane Juice, And Chicory.sunflower Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, And Canola Oil.enzymes (pancreatin 4x), Natural And Artificial Watermelon Flavor., And Sucralose. 
Supplement facts
36 g (7.9 g higher than average)
28.10 g

306  (137.66 higher than average)

Total Fat (lipids)
8 g (4.54 g higher than average)
3.46 g

21 mg (18.77 mg lower than average)
39.77 mg

Sodium (Na)
60 mg (76.2 mg lower than average)
136.20 mg

Calories From Fat
72 Cal (41.67 Cal higher than average)
30.33 Cal

Dietary Fiber
4 g (1.41 g higher than average)
2.59 g

Total Carbohydrates
23 g (16.21 g higher than average)
6.79 g

Potassium (K)
221 mg (55.03 mg lower than average)
276.03 mg

Sugar (Unrefined) 7 g 

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